Paper Titles:

The Congress is open to all subjects of economic history. Subjects related to economic history beginning from the ancient period till the present time especially Anatolia, Europe, Mediterrenean, Asia, Middle Eastern, in this respect, Rome, Eastern Rome (Byzantium), Persian,, Mesopotamia, Turkish States in Asia-Indian, Muslim Countries, Seljukian, Ottoman, Republican Periods are included to the subject of the Congress.


  • Economics Institutions (Grooming, foundations etc.)
  • Credit
  • Finance Applications
  • Islamic Economics and Applications
  • Money and Prices
  • Population and Immigration
  • Crafts and Industry
  • Labour and Wages
  • Domestic and International Trade
  • Transportation and Communication
  • Social Issues
  • Language
  • Economic Geography
  • Economic Thought
  • Urban Economy
  • The relationship between Technology and History of Economics
  • Culture
  • Agriculture
  • Land and Sea Routes
  • Ports
  • Customs
  • Economics Rivalry
  • Embargo and Blockades
  • Relationship/effects of Economics and Politics
  • Economics- Ideology
  • Colonialization
  • The effects of War and Other Natural Disasters to Economics